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PIETER PETROS is a Luxury Fashion Brand that is a notch above the rest. There is nothing conventional about PPsuits. We as a brand want to be known for the effort put in each suit to personalize it as per the preference of the owner. The vision of the company is to give each of our customers an experience that will redefine the whole outlook of buying luxury suits. Each individual is unique and PIETER PETROS aims at bringing out the best of his personality by not only making him look sophisticated but also very elegant. Our expertise is bespoke-tailoring and we strive to be as inspirational as possible, building a lasting relationship with every customer.

The fabrics that we provide are undoubtedly the finest and rarest that is used in the fashion world. Just providing the best fabric won’t satisfy our services and hence you get details about what we mean by the finest fabrics. The suits are all made from 100% wool with Super 130s threads not only making it very comfortable and light but also making it durable. As for the rarest, we have used 100% bamboo for the blazer of SENSATICO I, which is very light and smooth in texture. This feature helps make our creations the epitome of exclusivity and the customer aristocratic.

A suit is incomplete without various accents and accessories. Keeping this in mind we provide all the details that gives you a classy and confident look. Be it the threads, the lapel-pin or the pocket-square, every aspect is worked on with precision. The bold and complementing colours in an unconventional format helps get what compliments our customers the best.

Be it a peak, a notch or a shawl lapel, you are always red-carpet ready, wearing a PIETER PETROS suit. You can make the traditional loose trousers or make them slim-fit, the choice is yours.

An eminent gentleman is one with great poise and panache. PIETER PETROS enhances this quality in each one and articulates the authentic distinctiveness hidden in him. We also pamper him so he gets to enjoy the fruits of his success.
The process doesn’t end with you buying a suit. Listed below is the exact procedure PIETER PETROS follows to make the whole experience magical.
• First call to the client- here we give a brief introduction of our brand and give him the option of owning an existing suit or getting one made exclusively for him. Not only that, he also gets to name the suit after his name or any name as per his choice, if he opts for the customised suit. Then the first meeting is arranged.
• The first meeting-
• If buying an existing suit: he speaks with our team and the measurements are taken
• If getting an exclusively tailored suit: various fabrics are presented and with the help of our team the client can decide on a suit that will be best suited for him. Following which, measurements are taken.
• The second meeting is for the trial. Any minor changes to be made are noted down.
• The third meeting is for the delivery. The client need not visit the showroom. The suit will be delivered.
• The fourth meet is to give the client a PIETER PETROS special, i.e., a photoshoot.
• If the client buys an existing suit, he can choose any place in India where he would like the photoshoot to be done.
• If the client gets a customised suit, he can choose any place in the world, where he would like the photoshoot to be done.
• After the photoshoot, the client can choose whether he would like to be the model of the suit he got customised or not. This way we not only advertise our brand but also make the client known to the world, making him famous. This helps PIETER PETROS build a relationship with each customer.

With PIETER PETROS, rest assured that you can – ‘Succeed at the Speed of Elegance!’




“Succeed at the Speed of Elegance !”